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… there are countless and almost all of them can be found on ‘‘, where I keep getting information about news in our holiday home region. The following information comes from this and is only a small excerpt of the diverse possibilities that are offered in the region. Further suggestions can be found in the ‘Impressions‘.


“The Österlen region in south-east Skåne is often compared to Provence. Many artists come here for the special light, and just like the Mediterranean Riviera, this part of Skåne is lined with sparkling white sandy beaches. The pace is leisurely, slow cooking and Living is very important here and many of the first-class restaurants use locally sourced ingredients. With its charming villages, beautiful scenery and wide range of exciting activities, it is not surprising that Österlen is one of Sweden’s most popular travel destinations.

– Stenshuvud National Park – lush flora and fauna

Haväng: The coast between the small village Vitemölla and Haväng in the east of Skåne is reminiscent of southern Europe with its beautiful sandy beaches and light beech forests.

Draisine ride in the Fyledalen nature reserve

Skåneleden – the Österlenleden section: The Skåneleden hiking trail is a long-distance hiking trail that leads over 1000 kilometers through the rural areas of Skåne.

Sydostleden: The 300-kilometer-long Sydostleden is a so-called national cycle route that starts (or ends) in the southeast of Skåne

Hallamölla vattenfall: Hallamölla is the highest waterfall in Skåne with a height of 23 meters

Sandhammaren – endless dune landscapes: this beach is without a doubt one of the most beautiful in the country – it stretches long and wide from the fishing village of Skillinge in the north to Löderup in the south. The high dunes of fine sand offer enough space to find your own sheltered place to picnic, and the soft sand makes the beach a popular bathing beach.

– Kaffestugan Alunbruket – Skåne’s oldest “coffee hut”

Kiviks musteri – a family-run cider factory

Buhres fiskrökeri: Buhres is a combination of fish shop, smokehouse and restaurant that can be found in the small coastal town of Kivik.

Kronovalls vinslott: The Kronovall wine castle is located in the middle of a beautiful park between the villages of Tomelilla and Brösarp in the east of Skåne. This dreamy place is the only “wine castle” in Sweden. With its beautiful architecture and the ramparts that surround the castle, Kronovall is a sight in itself.

Apple market in Kivik

Kiviks marknad: this annual fair in the summer months attracts more than 100,000 visitors and is one of the oldest of its kind in Sweden.

– Ystad Sweden Jazz Festival: The Ystad Sweden Jazz Festival takes place every August. Swedish and international jazz greats play on several stages that are spread across the city.

Skånes Matfestival: The Skånes Matfestival gourmet event is a must for foodies. When it comes to gastronomy, the festival is one of the most innovative events in the country. At the Matfestival, which takes place in Brösarp, both regional delicacies and local specialties that make your mouth water are offered.

Antiques fair in Brösarp: Every spring the famous antiques fair takes place in Brösarp in the east of Skåne. It is considered the best of its kind in Sweden and has an international audience. While many other antiques fairs are flooded with reproductions and replicas, only real objects can be found in Brösarp, which makes the event an oasis for lovers.

Tosselilla Sommarland – Adventure on water and on land: Tosselilla Sommarland is the largest amusement park in Skåne with many different offers. In the water park you can have unlimited fun in the swimming and fun pools and on the many slides. In the Tarzan Forest, on the other hand, you have to overcome obstacles. There are also go-karts, Segways, bouncy castles and a small zoo on the site. Here children can keep themselves busy all day long.

– Ystad Studios Visitor Center: Ystad Film Museum. Very few have escaped the fact that there is a famous commissioner at home in Ystad. The books and films about Commissioner Kurt Wallander have made Ystad an important place in the Nordic noir genre.

Royal Tomb of Kivik: The Royal Tomb near Kivik is the remnant of a Nordic double tomb that dates from the Bronze Age and is dated to 1400 BC. The grave is one of the largest in the country and has a diameter of 75 meters.

Glimmingehus: medieval death traps and haunted stories. Glimmingehus Castle is located in the east of Skåne, near the small town of Simrishamn. It dates from 1499 and is the best preserved medieval castle complex in Scandinavia.

Ales stenar: A better view than the view from the hill above the village of Kåseberga, where the Ales stenar ship is located, is hard to find. The contrast between the grassy hilly landscape, the steep cliffs that drop straight into the sea and the white sandy beaches that line the coast create a unique atmosphere.

– Ystad djurpark: Ystad zoo is a little outside the city and is an ideal destination for families with children. On site you can stroke animals and swim in the heated outdoor swimming pool.

Christinehof Ecopark: Forests and cultural landscape. Around the beautiful Christinehof Castle, which dates back to the 18th century, lies the ecopark of the same name, which encompasses a typical Swedish cultural landscape with open pastures, swamps, lush forests and meandering rivers.


Bathing weather and temperatures in Skåne: Sweden is in Northern Europe, but since Skåne is in the far south of the country, the bathing season is longer here than in the rest of the country. The first brave swimmers go into the water before the end of May, but the summer season doesn’t actually start until June. August and September are the warmest months with average temperatures above 20 degrees Celsius. The water temperature depends on the location, the weather and the ocean currents, but from August to mid-September the temperatures are pleasantly high almost everywhere.

+ Ribersborg: Malmö’s city beach

+ Täppet in Åhus: A popular beach in the east

+ Mälarhusen and Sandhammaren: Endless dune landscapes

+ Skanör and Falsterbo: blue sky and colorful bathing huts

+ Lomma and Bjärred: Child-friendly bathing

+ Rörum: an exotic touch

The best activities for kids in Skåne:

+ Skånes Djurpark – Zoo with a Nordic flair

+ Folkets Park in Malmö

+ Foteviken: Foteviken is a faithful replica of a large settlement from the Viking Age on the Höllviken peninsula in the south of Skåne.

+ The Malmö museums

+ Wanås: When you enter Wanås Park, you enter another world. Here you find yourself in a fairytale universe, where everything seems possible and a new work of art is waiting around every corner.

+ Tykarpsgrottan – the bat cave: This fascinating cave system near Hässleholm in the middle of Skåne is 12 meters underground. The caves have served as film sets several times in the past, including for the film about Ronja the robber’s daughter, based on the book by Astrid Lindgren.

+ Kulturen – entertainment for the youngest: Kulturen, which is located in downtown Lund, is one of the best open-air museums in the world.

+ Embla Träd – Tree Climbing: Children love to climb trees. In the climbing park Embla Träd in Fulltofta in the middle of Skåne you can go on adventurous climbing tours without neglecting your safety.

+ Kungsbygget Adventure Park: zip lining, climbing, rocket bungee and summer tobogganing are just some of the exciting activities for children that Kungsbygget Adventure Park in Hallandsåsen has on offer.

+ Canoeing on Ivösjön

+ Kullaberg Nature Reserve: The Kullaberg Nature Reserve is a paradise for outdoor fans and young adventurers. Here you can explore the various nature trails, dive, explore caves, climb rocks, bathe in the sea or just splash around on the beach undisturbed.

+ Fossil hunting in Bromölla: who wouldn’t want to take home a piece of real dinosaur history? In Bromölla you can take part in a guided fossil hunt and look for oyster and octopus fossils, shark teeth and other exciting remains from the Cretaceous Sea that covered the earth here 80 million years ago.

A must on every trip to southern Sweden: A visit to the best sights of Skåne:

+ The Øresund Bridge: The famous 16 km long bridge connects Copenhagen with Malmö and is the setting for the crime series The Bridge – Transit to Death. You can drive from the Danish capital to Skåne’s largest city in just 20 minutes by car or train.

+ Ales stenar: The mysterious monument from the early Iron Age consists of 59 large stone blocks in the form of a 67 meter long ship’s hull and offers a wonderful view of the hilly landscape and the sea. The origin of the approximately 1400 year old, megalithic ship settlement has not yet been clearly established.

+ Turning Torso: One of the most visited sights in Skåne was designed and built by the renowned Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. The “rotating hull” is located in the west harbor of Malmö and is the tallest building in Scandinavia.

+ Museums and exhibitions: Skåne is home to a variety of fascinating museums and exhibitions. Art, history, science or bizarre curiosities – everyone gets their money’s worth here. Children are welcome everywhere, and many museums have special exhibitions and activities aimed at young visitors. Old farms, museum-worthy submarines or classic art collections – the choice is huge.

+ The Vikings in Skåne: adventurous seafarers, brave warriors, bloodthirsty looters and successful merchants – the legends about the mysterious Vikings are numerous and the thousand-year-old story about the infamous tribe from the north has lost none of its fascination to this day. Most of the most important surviving Viking settlements can be found in Skåne, the southernmost region of Sweden. A Viking village reconstructed from original finds, old rune stones and role-playing games in original locations can also be admired here.

+ In the footsteps of Kurt Wallander: A grumpy Swedish police officer with a passion for operas and alcohol problems is the reason why people all over the world have fallen in love not only with Skåne, but also with Swedish thrillers. Kurt Wallander and his fellow investigators are at home in the supposedly idyllic town of Ystad. Here you can walk in the footsteps of the popular antihero, visit the original locations of the books and films and have a coffee in your favorite café. “

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