Holiday homes

Two holiday homes…

are available to you, once the holiday home “Stony” and once the holiday home “Woody”.

Depending on availability, you can spend your vacation in the “Stony” or “Woody” house. If you want to travel with friends, acquaintances, relatives, etc., we recommend e.g. to live in both houses, for example your family in the “Stony” house and the other family in the “Woody” house. So there are enough retreats or free spaces, if necessary.

It is optimal if up to 4 people plus 1 toddler live in the cot or travel cot per house. Upon request and in exceptional cases, one or two additional people can be temporarily accommodated in both houses.

The two houses are located on an approximately 5000 square meter meadow plot and are approximately 80 meters apart, right on the edge of the forest, in a very small settlement (hamlet). The easily accessible gravel path ends at the houses, which leads from the main road approx. 1 KM through the settlement to the two houses. So there is enough space to let off steam and there is hardly any (no) consideration for traffic, because those who drive along here either want to go to the houses or have got lost.

The closest ‘local’ neighbor is about 300 meters away. Our other Swedish neighbor Johan is your local contact who will also give you the keys for the house / houses on arrival and show you everything you need to know. Johan speaks and understands Swedish and English, and a little German. Otherwise I am of course happy to be available via email, WhatsApp, Telegram, SMS, telephone, etc. Both contact details and all other relevant information, such as The exact address of the holiday homes is also included in the rental contract, which we will send you after we have received your booking or reservation request – only then and if all your questions have been resolved, you will make a binding decision by signing the rental contract leaves. You can start your reservation or booking request in the submenu ‘Reservation‘.

All other information about the houses, such as equipment, floor plan, pictures, etc., can be found on the other pages in the submenu.

To get an idea of the location of the holiday homes, just click on ‘Region‘. There you will also find numerous options and inspirations for vacation planning in the submenu.

If both houses are not enough for the number of people who want to spend their vacation in Sweden at the same time, there is often still the possibility to rent rooms or houses from our Swedish neighbors. Please contact me if you have any further questions.