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Rental prices per night

From May to September

Minimum stay = 6 nights

Stony = 47 EUR
Woody = 37 EUR
Stony & Woody = 79 EUR

From October to April

Minimum stay = 28 nights

Stony = 20 EUR
Woody = 15 EUR
Stony & Woody = 33 EUR

The guest is responsible for cleaning at the beginning and end of the stay – that’s why no fees for cleaning are collected and the minimum rental price was also significantly reduced.

Electricity costs are calculated separately, depending on the consumption: So far, the electricity costs have been flat rate of EUR 0.30 per kWh including all other price components. Unfortunately, the electricity price in Sweden has been fluctuating more than before – in the past few months, for example, the price has fluctuated between EUR 0.25 and EUR 0.38 per kWh including all other price components. At the beginning of each month, the past month is billed and this price including all other price components is then used as the basis for calculating the electricity costs, so that, depending on the individual consumption, every guest only pays the price that is actually incurred. As a result, a billing of electricity costs can only take place at the beginning of the following month after the stay. A copy of the electricity provider’s billing is enclosed, as well as the consumption of each day of the stay.

A one-time deposit must be deposited per stay, which depends on several factors and is displayed in the subsequent reservation request below for information on the desired stay before the reservation request is sent. This deposit will be reimbursed after the stay or offset the electricity costs and, if necessary, EUR 75 (Stony) or EUR 50 (Woody) will be retained for an unsuccessful or inadequate cleaning and credited to the next guest.

Additional services

WLAN/WIFI access
Connection to the Internet via the Swedish mobile network (can also be booked at short notice). The price for this is displayed in the subsequent reservation request below for the desired stay before the reservation request is sent.


The colored contents in this calendar show the periods in which the respective holiday homes are unavailable

In reverse, this means that the holiday homes can only be booked in these periods in which no colored content of the respective holiday home is displayed in the calendar.
Please note: If “Woody” and / or “Stony” are not available in the calendar, then there is no possibility to book “Stony & Woody” in these periods. This also applies if “Stony & Woody” is booked – in these periods it is not possible to book “Stony” or “Woody” individually.

Non-binding reservation request

Please specify the desired day of the arrival and day of departure, then further information is possible and the other price components are displayed.