There are many ways to get there on vacation…

Most of the time, people prefer to come by car because they are very flexible on vacation.
But even without a car nowadays an arrival e.g. easily possible by plane, train, bus or ferry.

However, please note that a motorized vehicle simplifies many things if you want to explore the surrounding area.

There is more information about these travel options in the respective submenu.

A detailed description of how to get there from the town of “Sjöbo”, which most guests will pass by on the way to the holiday homes, will be made available to you before your arrival, everyone has arrived safely with it so far. Every navigation system known to me, including older ones, or the online route planner such as ‘google maps’, you can easily navigate to at least Sjöbo. Of course, you will also receive the address, coordination data and a ‘google maps’ link with the exact location of the holiday homes, with which you can also take the journey from home to the holiday homes yourself.

I usually travel by car. There are numerous ways to do this, such as the car ferries from Stenaline, TT-Line, Finnlines or Scandlines, for example from Travemünde, Rostock or Sassnitz to Sweden (Trelleborg or Malmö). From there you drive about 1 hour to the holiday home. The car ferry from Puttgarden (Germany) to Rödby (Denmark) or from Rostock (Germany) to Gedser (Denmark) is also an option, combined with a 1.5 hour drive through Denmark, then over the Öresund Bridge between Denmark and Sweden and then about 1 hour to the holiday home.

Without a ferry you can also start from Germany, namely across the mainland and the two bridges (Storebaelt Bridge in Denmark and Öresund Bridge between Denmark and Sweden).

Of course, you can also travel without a car, e.g. by plane. to Copenhagen or by long-distance bus or train (e.g. to Malmö), then it is advisable to use a rental car, as there is no public transport within approx. 10 km from the holiday homes.